Monfragüe Bird Center is the new imperative for travel around ornithologist tourist infrastructure. It is a center of information, interpretation and multipurpose room in one building of 200 square meters. Nestled in Torrejon el Rubio, intended as a nearby point of information, with recent bird sightings that have occurred in the region, as well as element approach to the world of birds, for those less knowledgeable about this exciting world. For this, the building has the siguinetes facilities:

Ornithological information. On receiving the Birdcenter offer updated information on where birds can be seen in both the National Park and Biosphere Reserve Monfragüe and surrounding counties.

Interpretation Center. We also have an area of ​​interpretation in which we approach the birds in Monfragüe, as well as the reasons why they are there, how they fly or how they feed. For this purpose have a total of 6 panels dedicated to large raptors, migratory birds, large carrion, some passerines and steppes. Also has three audiovisual, one dedicated to the latest census Monfragüe National Park, and the general census in Extremadura as emblematic as the Iberian imperial eagle, black stork and the black vulture birds. The second is devoted to "Monfragüe Unknown" which teaches the parts of reserves of natural space that tourists can not visit the area found in the Reserve. The latter is explained what an carrion.

Multipurpose Room. It is ready to host various activities such as seminars, symposia, conferences, training courses and workshops for schoolchildren.

The Bird Center schedule is:

  • Mornings from Tuesday to Sunday from 10-14 hours.
  • Afternoons. Wednesday and Thursday from 16-18 hours. Friday and Saturday from 16-19 hours.

They can contact the Monfragüe Bird Center in email,, or through the contact zone's website or telephone number 927-199579

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