Under this name are grouped different interpretation and visitor centers have been built under the leadership of the City of Torrejón el Centro Rubio. La philosophy is totally new. They have built and rehabilitated buildings to house innovative tourism infrastructure inthe National Park and Biosphere Reserve Monfragüe, so that visitors to the natural space is with a new offer attractive hitherto little known to locals and tourists.

South Monfragüe Visitor Center is composed of a Tourist Information Office, four tourist centers of interpretation, a Centre for Mountain Biking and a picnic. A diverse and attractive offer that make Torrejón el Rubio in an inexcusable stopping point for all visitors to the National Park and Biosphere Reserve Monfragüe.

Briefly know any of them:

Tourist Office. It is located on the EX208 road. It is offers visitors information not only about the National Park and Biosphere Reserve , routes that can perform , attractions to visit, but also more points of Extremadura . An essential for planning the journey beyond the recommendations of websites and guides point .

Astronomical Observatory of Monfragüe. It shares the building with Sky Visitor Center Monfragüe. This is a facility that allows you to admire the sky through his telescope of 25 cm, located in a dome of 4 square meters and can accommodate 10 people. The Visitor Center will serve as a prelude to the ascent to the dome for observation, as well as allowing better understand the Universe.


Monfragüe Birdcenter. A space reference for lovers of ornithology. It is a point of information, interpretation and dissemination of birds Monfragüe National Park, one of the most attractive places in Europe for birdwatching enthusiasts.



Rock Art Center Monfragüe. The region of Monfragüe has one of the best sets of schematic rock art of the Iberian Peninsula, thanks to the 107 shelters that to date have been found. The Center brings us to the different painting techniques, how they made pigments, how they lived, all very entertaining way, with three audiovisual and interactive.

Monfragüe BTT. Located in the same location that the Office of Tourism, Monfragüe BTT is the first center of Mountain Biking in a protected natural area of ​​Extremadura. With over 350 kilometers marked in GPS, with 12 different routes marked mileage and difficulty, the center has bicycle rental, Gps, helmets, showers and toilets for bicycles. This would also be an excellent space for the information of the best routes to get to know the region.


Monfragüe A Legend destination. It is the third space that exists next to the Tourist Office. At 80 square meters the multitude of legends of the region, simple, didactic and with great visual presence mode, with several short films that you approach the legendary past Monfragüe counted. 





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Observatorio Astronómico



Torrejón el Rubio is located in the center of the Province of Caceres. Is equidistant from Plasencia and Trujillo (38 kilometers) and Cáceres is just 53 kilometers (35 minutes) .Torrejón Rubio is the heart of Monfragüe; the town itself is far from the National Park only 6 kilometers.

To reach the town can follow several routes:

EX208. It is the road between Plasencia and Trujillo and vertebra, from the point of view of communication Monfragüe National Park.

EX390. It is the way of union with the provincial capital.

The nearest motorway to the city are:

A-5. Extremadura Highway, 24 kilometers. To deviate from Madrid necessary take exit 227 of the motorway towards Jaraicejo. Here EX385 leading to Torrejon el Rubio will be taken.

A-58. Highway Cáceres-Trujillo. A 34 kilometers. The output leading to Torrejón el Rubio is the exit number 4.

EXA1. Motorway Navalmoral-border with Portugal. A 33 kilometers. The output leading to Torrejón el Rubio is 46.

A-66. Highway Route de la Plata. A 38 kilometers. We must take exit 479 and then take the EXA1 to Exit 46.

A-66. South Highway Route Plata. A 40 kilometers. Exit 523 to proceed to the EX385 EX390 leading directly to Torrejon el Rubio is taken

If Monfragüe had to summarize its essence in a slogan that would be "Mediterranean Forest Corner". Much of the 18,396 hectares of park area are spots of Mediterranean forest, probably the best preserved in the world.
These forest patches, attached to the quartzite rocks that form the crests of the mountains and hatches, places where rivers breached through the mountains, and the extensive meadows have led Monfragüe is one of the largest bird sanctuaries all Europe.

Currently have counted a total of 280 vertebrate species, including the most representative of Mediterranean fauna. It is especially significant wealth in birds found highly threatened. The most significant are the Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti), Black Vulture (Aegypius monachus), the Black Stork (Ciconia nigra), the Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), Bonelli's Eagle (Hieraaetus fasciatus) or Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) between many others.
In addition, four ecosystems rocky areas, Ribera, Monte Mediterranean and Meadows, has counted a wide variety of plant species that are ideal for the survival of all species of vertebrate complement outlined above.
The park covers Monfragüe municipality of 7 locations: Torrejón el Rubio, Serradilla, Serrejón, Plasencia, Casas de Miravete, Jaraicejo and Toril. It was declared a Natural Park on April 4, 1979 and National Park on March 2, 2007. In addition, along with the 97 764 ha surrounding it were declared Area of ​​Special Interest for Birds (SPA) in 1994 and Biosphere Reserve in 2003.

Today there are many viewpoints and places of interest to visit. The most popular sites are Monfragüe Castle, a fortress ruins of the XII century, and the Salto del Gitano, one of the main viewpoints of birds National Park, along with others like the Tajadilla or Portilla del Tajo.
Also there is a network of trails, both the National Park and Biosphere Reserve of which will soon have full information on this site.
To organize your visit we recommend that you contact our Office of Tourism, it will offer all information on the visit and will help make your visit if necessary. Feel free phone call 927-455292 or email turismotorrejonelrubio@gmail.com

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