Cookies Policy

Pol í tica on cookies


¿ What is a cookie ?


Cookies are files that are downloaded to the terminal (computer / smartphone / tablet) user to access certain p á web pages and stored in its memory. Cookies allow, among other things, store and retrieve information ó n on h á habits of navigation ó n of a user or from your computer, see qu é p á pages visited, time of connection ó n, analyze the operation of a p á gina, if there are problems t é technicians, etc. Depending on the information &Auto A containing and how the terminal is used, can be used to recognize the user


¿ Qu é types of cookies exist?


There are several types of cookies on function ó n different criteria:

function ó n of ownership:

Cookies own. Those that belong to

Third party cookies. Are those which are owned by a third party, other than, to be á who treat the information ó n collected

function ó n of its purpose.

Cookies t é techniques and / or about personalization ó n. Are here é Llas used to improve service, locate incidents, recognize the user, etc.

Cookies á an; lysis and / or advertising. Are here é Llas used to analyze information ó n on navigation ó ny deliver advertising, whether gene é rich or custom


¿ To qu é serves a cookie?


Cookies are used to offer services and / or personalized advertising, to analyze system performance, recognize when accessing user, locate incidents and problems that may arise and fix them as soon as possible, as í analyze and measure usage and activity of the p á web page


¿ my consent is needed to implement a cookie ?

      No cookies t é, techniques or strictly necessary for the provision of management services oacute; n of a service society information ó

consent for installation ó is required. N expressly requested by the recipient

For the rest, s í is required consent of the person concerned can apply for different v í as. For, á be understood; . granted if you still using the p á web page, notwithstanding that at any time could á revoke and disable cookies.


¿ They currently use cookies ?


Google Analytics

In accordance with Royal Decree-Law 13/2012, informs you that your website uses Google Analytics, a service of anal í web tica provided by Google, Inc . Google Analytics places a number of cookies (4 by default) on your computer with TUNIC order to assess the type of navigation ó. n you make for the website and present activity reports on the website

Google stores the information ó n collected by cookies on servers in the United States and is committed to not share it with third parties, except where the law requires him to do so or necessary for the operation of the system. Google will not associate your address ó n IP with any other information ó. No need

Google Inc. is a company attached to the Safe Harbor Agreement. This agreement ensures that data be transferred á n treated with a level of protection ó n according to European standards. You can view the tab of Google on this link: Registration form Google's Safe Harbor Agreement

For m á s information ó n about cookies used by Google Analytics. please go to this address ó n:. Concepts of Google Analytics cookies

Google has developed a supplement that can be installed in your browser if you want to not be tracked by their cookies: Complement Opt-out of Google Analytics.

Important: Google Analytics NOT collect any information ó n staff about your website users. Read Google Analytics privacy document for m á s details.

The choice ó n take about using Google Analytics cookies on this site are recorded á n a cookie to be á n also stored on your computer:

                                                                                                                                                      .                                                                                                                                                          an to Google Analytics, the cookie is created when running JavaScript library and is updated each time data is env í.                
Cookie Name Due Date Description ó n



Used to distinguish users.


2 CHILDREN from System / Update ó n

Used to distinguish users and sessions. &Nbsp; The cookie is created when the library of JavaScript and cookies not UTMA __ existing runs there. &Nbsp; The cookie is updated each time the data is env í an to Google Analytics

__ utmb

30 minutes of play / discount ó n

Used to determine new sessions / visits  . The cookie is created when the JavaScript library runs and cookies not UTMB __ existing there. &Nbsp; The cookie is updated each time the data is env í. an to Google Analytics


End of the session ó n the browser

Not used in ga.js.   Set for interoperability with urchin.js  . Hist ó lavishly, this cookie operated in conjunction with the   __ utmb   cookie to determine whether the user was in a new session ó. n / visit

__ utmz

6 months from set / Update ó n

Stores the source of tr á fico or campaign ñ it explains c ó mo user arrived ó to your site.  


¿ C ó how can I disable cookies ?


In accordance with their own pol í tics, some online advertising managers may use cookies an ó nimas to display ads of your interest é s when visiting other p á web pages. However users can manage the acceptance ó no no of these cookies through configuration ó n in your browser. To find m á s on behavior-based advertising can visit href="" < / a>. A trav é s this p á gina can modify and manage your preferences in relationship ó n with behavioral advertising

You could á ;, at any time, choose qu é.; Cookies want to work on this site through:

  • The configuration ó n the browser:

Chrome from

Explorer from

Firefox, from


Safari from href=""



The systems opt-out specs í indicated in the table above with respect to the cookie in question tists (these systems can lead to install on your computer a cookie " reject " to work his choice ó n -Off ó n) not responsible for the content and accuracy of the pol í tics of privacy of third parties contained in this pol í tica of cookies